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Hell's bells I'm having a proactive day!!

I woke up with all sorts of ideas and plans, two thirds of which I'm already sure I'll never put into action. But we can't help but fool ourselves and believe there might be a chance we might actually make it, right?

So far my proactiveness has taken me to:

- Sending my CV to a non-profit NGO. Part of my plan of Getting-the-feel-of-my-career-through-working-rather-than-studying.
- Accepting a volunteer spot at my old job. The one I left in 2007, which I really liked, yet didn't pay at all which equaled a No-No back in the days where I was paying uni fees.
- Creating a LinkedIn account. Which I really don't understand how it works at all and will, most probably, end up using as yet another Web 2.0 device to keep in touch with the same handful of people I keep in touch at the other hundred Web 2.0 devices I keep.
- Browsing possible careers at UNSAM (University of San Martin). Although it's been a bit over an hour since I opened three different tabs with three possible careers that might interest me and yet I haven't gone back to really read what they said.

Other things my proactiveness has considered yet has not put to action yet:

- Starting Photography classes in July.
- Starting German classes in July.
- Changing my work shift to work in the mornings. Which would allow me to take classes of Photography and German, as well as seeing Gaby more often.
- Creating an icon journal here at DW to repost all my old icons from LJ.
- Creating actual new icons for the Icon-Journal-I-Already-Have and the Maybe-New-Icon-Journal that I might or might not create.
- Finally finish setting up this account. Which includes uploading icons, going through all my LJ friends to decide which I'll migrate, and deciding what I really want to do with this journal.
- Tidying up my bookmarks. Which have pilled up to being thousands and thousands of random links that I might not be interested in at all yet I have saved just in case that I might be interested after all.

But for now I think my proactiveness must be put to halt, as I really need to get on cooking my lunch if I want to get to work on time.

Besides first I must decide whether I want/should/need/whatever to cross-post this. A dylema I hope my recent proactiveness helps me figure out soon because I'm tired of having each time I post.

(*) A bit of a clarification because I just realized I never said. Or did I? I finally dropped school a couple months ago. The reasons for it are all explained here, but I never quite made the official announcement.

EDIT: DAMN! My proactiveness didn't remember that I had to shower before leaving to work. I'm late! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late! What a dirty proactiveness!
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Do I need a paid account to make customized layouts work? The ones I've tried all look weird... :/
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Well, it took some time, but here you have me. I have to say it was all thanks to [personal profile] lillbet's persistence and uncanny persuasion powers that I am here today.

I'm still getting the feel of the place, so I haven't made up my mind on whether I like it or not. Of course, everything is so "beta" that probably I shouldn't form a solid opinion on this until it's a bit more developed.

The main set back for me is that this is a whole new place and I'm not sure I want/need "a whole new place" when I'm having so much trouble keeping up with the old one. But I'll give it a shot. Perhaps a much more limited flist will encourage me to post, and if not it will at least make it easier for me to keep up. On the other hand it might make it more boring... I'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime you're all welcome on my journal, as always. I'll probably crosspost everything, if I do post at all, so feel free to comment on whichever site you please.

As far as updates on my current life, well those will probably have to wait a bit longer. As a brief summary, my Mom has been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and hypothyroidism, so as you can imagine the family is a bit upside down. Also ten people have been fired at work, three of which were close friends so things are a bit upside down on that front as well. But! I am forced to leave you with the cliffhanger so please do try not to break down to anxiety. Remember that curiosity killed the cat!

Hope you all are doing well. :D

PS: Why is the "weird" mood a smiling smiley?

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