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Birthdate:Sep 21, 1987
Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paula, 21, Argentina.
Working penniless student.

Idealist, pacifist, social conscious, light socialist. Silly, sarcastic, healthily snarky, ridiculously absurd, made of awesome. Fluffy underneath. Culture freak, language freak, travel freak, currently studying International Relations. Love a good debate. Books/Movies/Music lover, taste to be argued. Frustrated artist. Somewhat sporty. Football fan, real football. Have a Big Fat Greek Wedding kind of family & a disjointed group of friends.

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"Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly."
-- Neil Gaiman

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100 years of solitude, 1984, agatha christie, amusement, arctic monkeys, argentina, art, asado, bananas, batman, big fat spanish families, bob dylan, changes, cherries, chocolate, coldplay, comic books, converse, creativity, cynism, days with 48 hours, dead like me, dexter, differences, doctor who, dulce de leche, eddie izzard, empanadas, english, eternal sunshine ..., fight club, fire, flip flops, football, friends, gabriel garcía marquez, german, handball, harry potter, heroes, history, house md, ice creams, icons, incubus, indecision, international relations, interview with the vampire, italian, jane austen, jokes, julio cortazar, juno, katie melua, languages, laughter, lazyness, light sabers, little miss sunshine, lord of the rings, mess, midsummer night dream, mosh pits, movies, music, not taking life seriously, oasis, orange, originality, oscar wilde, pasta, peace, pictures, pillows, pink floyd, pizza, planet earth, politics, post modernism, pride & prejudice, queen, questions, quietness, rain, relativism, revolution, river plate, rubik cubes, sarcasm, scrubs, silliness, sin city, snatch, socialism, sondre lerche, sonic screw drivers, south america, spanish, spider man, star wars, strange things, stripes, subways, sui generis, sun rays, surprises, sweeney todd, sylmarillion, the beatles, the dark knight, the matrix, the nightmare before christmas, the police, the science of sleep, the time master trilogy, the west wing, the who, the world cup, traveling, university, v for vendetta, volleyball, water, weird, winter, x men, yawns
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